Mark Galeotti
October 31, 2014

In both Washington and London, I've recently heard the current conflict between Russia and the West characterized as one of values. In other words, that this is not simply a question of geopolitical rivalries, nor even of challenging the Putin regime's actions, but a deeper, philosophical tension between wholly different ways of thinking and being. This is understandable, not least given the increasingly ideological rhetoric now emerging from Russia. It is also misleading and, more important, dangerous.

These matchbox covers were designed in the late 1950s and early 1960s to celebrate the launch of the first man-made Earth satellite (and the subsequent anniversary of this feat).

RUSSIA! editors October 30, 2014

Russian designers have presented the official logo for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. It caused some controversy, but the most common reaction was best described in a tweet by photojournalist Pavel Bednyakov: "We're going to see this **** in every corner for four years. It's all very bad."

RUSSIA! editors October 29, 2014

The definition sanity is always one set by those in power. But in Russia these days there is a very special kind of sanity being groomed.

Ian Bateson October 29, 2014

If you've been reading Russia! Magazine for a while, you might be familiar with some of Yekaterinburg's offbeat attractions. Blogger Alexey Parfun has shared his personal guide to the city's street-art pieces, including our favorite raccoon.

RUSSIA! editors October 27, 2014

Mark Adomanis
October 27, 2014

Russia’s president can and should be criticized, but in doing so intellectual consistency is vital.


Women made up half of Ukraine’s revolutionary movement but few female candidates are contesting Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Three feminists explain how swelling nationalism may pose a threat to Ukraine’s women and lgbt people.

Aleksandra Eriksson and Anton Semyzhenko October 26, 2014

We've seen many weird books in the Russian bookstores, but this one beats them hands down and has already gone viral in the Russian Internet. "How the brave Ruble has defeated the ingenious Dollar" is (poorly) written by Yevgeny Sivkov and is meant to teach the children a sense of patriotism for the national currency.

RUSSIA! editors October 24, 2014

William Beaver
October 23, 2014

As long as Putin and Russia are rational actors, which they seem to be, they will be unwilling to challenge the U.S. militarily.


If you are not following photographer Sergey Ponomarev on Instagram, you've missed his #Dagestagram photos and stories from his trips to Dagestan.

RUSSIA! editors October 22, 2014


What has the Ukrainian crisis done to LGBT rights in Russia, apart from divert the outside world’s attention? Has the conquest of Crimea—the “Krym Nash” (Crimea Is Ours) movement—similarly distracted Russian homophobes?

Kevin Rothrock October 21, 2014

Mark Adomanis
October 21, 2014

Railing against “revisionists” Anne Applebaum has re-written history to serve her own ends.

Russian designer Artemy Lebedev, who is also one of Runet's most popular bloggers, has created a series of 10 manhole covers for Moscow.

RUSSIA! editors October 21, 2014

As it happens, one of our favorite pages M C M X X X V has a corresponding Instagram account, fully devoted to Soviet architecture of 1930s through 1950s.

RUSSIA! editors October 17, 2014

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