Over the course of the recent month the Russian authorities have banned the import of several products from different countries.

RUSSIA! editors July 30, 2014


Everyone wants a piece of Russia’s ‘national treasure’- the big oil companies that make up a majority of the country’s GDP. After 10 years in court, a small group of expatriated Yeltsin-era oligarchs will get their big pay out, and a little justice.

Louise Dickson July 30, 2014

The trials and tribulations of contemporary art in Putin's Russia.

Aleksandra Ericsson and Katarina Lindqvist July 29, 2014


The road to Grabovo from Donetsk is lined with time-worn Soviet block towers, hulking industrial ruins, and sunflower fields in full bloom, wide swaths of green, yellow, and grey blurred by the motion of the taxi.

David Ferris July 29, 2014


On Sunday, July 27th, Vladimir Putin attended the official ceremony for the Russian Navy Day in Severomorsk. Meanwhile, Navy veterans met with their comrades at Gorky Park in Moscow.

RUSSIA! editors July 28, 2014

Mark Adomanis
July 27, 2014

Forget the stereotypes about “Nigeria with snow” here’s what is actually different about life in everyone’s favorite former superpower.


On July 22, Ukraine’s parliament launched its third wave of partial military mobilisation. All men under 60 with prior military experience are liable for service.

Matthew Luxmoore July 27, 2014

The Russian news media has not been the same since Galina Timchenko and 84 loyal staff left last spring. Can we ever get that back?

Kevin Rothrock July 26, 2014


For now, more than anything else Donetsk feels like a city that is waiting in anticipation and bracing itself.

Ian Bateson July 25, 2014


American cyclist Ron McGerity, 60, was killed in an accident near the town of Ivanovo. He was traveling around the so-called Golden Ring of Russia delivering messages of peace to mayors and raising money for charity.

RUSSIA! editors July 25, 2014

This advertising poster was meant to inform parents that they can buy girls' uniform dresses for 999 rubles. But the chemical formula on the background changes the context.

RUSSIA! editors July 24, 2014


Here's a video of the Farewell Bell ceremony (celebrated on the last day of the school year in Russia), in the Kubachi village in Daghestan, filmed from an airborne drone.

Dina Mingalieva July 24, 2014


A city of Magadan at the Russian Far East is suffering from a flood and its streets have been turned into rapid rivers. But some people know how to have fun in any situation, take a look.

Dina Mingalieva July 23, 2014

Arts & Culture

Konstantin Zmogk is one of the best-known Russian street artists. He's been painting since 1997, participating in numerous project and events in Russia and abroad.

RUSSIA! editors July 23, 2014

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