This advertising poster was meant to inform parents that they can buy girls' uniform dresses for 999 rubles. But the chemical formula on the background changes the context.

RUSSIA! editors July 24, 2014


Here's a video of the Farewell Bell ceremony (celebrated on the last day of the school year in Russia), in the Kubachi village in Daghestan, filmed from an airborne drone.

Dina Mingalieva July 24, 2014


A city of Magadan at the Russian Far East is suffering from a flood and its streets have been turned into rapid rivers. But some people know how to have fun in any situation, take a look.

Dina Mingalieva July 23, 2014

Arts & Culture

Konstantin Zmogk is one of the best-known Russian street artists. He's been painting since 1997, participating in numerous project and events in Russia and abroad.

RUSSIA! editors July 23, 2014


In light of current events, Vladimir Putin is THE person to watch these days. Only yesterday he was inspecting new stadiums in Samara, and today he's holding an unexpected meeting of the Russian Security Council.

RUSSIA! editors July 22, 2014

This photo of the Russian space crew was posted by flight engineer Oleg Artemyev. Russian bloggers found it a bit strange that the cosmonauts on a space mission had celebrated the 700th birth anniversary of a famous Russian saint, so the picture became the most photoshopped image of the week in Runet.

RUSSIA! editors July 21, 2014

Mark Adomanis
July 21, 2014

The downing of a civilian airliner changes everyone’s calculus, and Russia will likely be the loser.


Hundreds of Muscovites have brought flowers to the Dutch Embassy after a Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has apparently been shot down not far from Russian-Ukrainian border.

RUSSIA! editors July 19, 2014


While the international community mulled the latest round of US sanctions against Russia and their likely impact on the course of the armed conflict in Ukraine’s east, an event unprecedented even in the context of the recent escalation in bloodshed provided the clearest answer to such speculation.

Matthew Luxmoore July 19, 2014

Mark Galeotti
July 18, 2014

Just as the liberal middle class Bolotnaya protesters were Putin’s rebellious children, the products of the economic recovery and consumer boom over which he presided, so too east Ukrainian warlord Igor Strelkov is Putin’s other ungrateful child, his aggressive and messianic nationalism and cult of will and action made flesh.


And so with its attention focused on Ukraine with a Ukrainian tragedy gone global, what does the world find?

Ian Bateson July 17, 2014


Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. 295 people, including 280 passengers, were on board.

RUSSIA! editors July 17, 2014


Traveling across Russia by train might (but doesn't have to) be uncomfortable, but it's one of the best ways to see the country and meet people. Russian airports look pretty much the same, while large railway stations are unique landmarks and sometimes even heritage sites in their own right.

RUSSIA! editors July 17, 2014


A mysterious giant crater appeared in northern Siberia. The provenance of the hole, discovered by a group of oilers at the Yamal Peninsula, is yet to be explained. Some say it appeared as a sinkhole or as a result of meteorite fall. A group of Russian scientists is preparing to explore the crater. Take a look.

Dina Mingalieva July 17, 2014

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