Mark Adomanis
August 21, 2014

Pro-democracy activists are projecting their views onto the Russian government, which takes a decidedly instrumental view of the subject.


Wednesday morning, Muscovites woke up to find that one of Stalin's skyscrapers has an Ukrainian flag on it. The star on top of the building was painted yellow and blue.

RUSSIA! editors August 20, 2014

Almost every adult person in Russia has seen her illustrations as a child. She used to work with the most popular children's authors. And yet there's no article in Russian Wikipedia on Margarita Mikhaelis - only a short bio on Chuvash.

RUSSIA! editors August 19, 2014


As a convoy of 270 trucks containing what Moscow claims is humanitarian aid awaits clearance at the border with Ukraine, those watching developments unfold would do well to consider the broader context surrounding the dubious circumstances of its journey through Russia.

Matthew Luxmoore August 18, 2014


Russia! editors take a closer look at the viral Russia-themed picture from 9GAG.

RUSSIA! editors August 18, 2014

Mark Adomanis
August 18, 2014

The best way for America to “set an example” for Russia is to actually set an example, not simply talk about it.

Russian developers have launched an app to distort and destroy selfies... in a slightly disturbing way.

RUSSIA! editors August 16, 2014


It is the perfect plot for a movie. A massive convoy rushes towards a war zone where aid is urgently needed. No one knows what the convoys actually contains, and as it moves toward the border the country it is entering says it won’t rule out using force to halt it.

Ian Bateson August 15, 2014

Rosneft chief Igor Sechin has sued Vedomosti, Russia's biggest business newspaper, for defamation of character.

RUSSIA! editors August 15, 2014


Twitter account of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was hacked today. Hackers have posted about a dozen tweets like "I'm resigning. I'm ashamed of the government's actions. Sorry" and "I'm going to become a freelance photographer".

RUSSIA! editors August 14, 2014


While Vladimir Putin carries on phone negotiations night after night, Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev seems to have quite an enjoyable summer. Sure, he has meetings and proceedings, but some of his activities aren't too demanding.

RUSSIA! editors August 13, 2014

Mark Adomanis
August 13, 2014

Bashing Russia is politically popular, but can we at least get our facts straight?

Judging by the Soviet ads, even the 1930s - despite the privations associated with collectivization and industrialization - were a time, when there was nothing wrong about enjoying food.

RUSSIA! editors August 12, 2014

Arts & Culture

Faces&Laces is the main annual street culture event in Russia, dubbed sometimes the "Russian street fashion week", although it lasts for only two days. This year's festival was "Spy Games" themed, and featured black and white decorations.

RUSSIA! editors August 11, 2014

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