Mark Adomanis
October 01, 2014

The newest members of the European Union are on a dangerous precipice.


According to the Russian blogger Roman Petrov, both the foreign visitors and the residents of Moscow often complain that the capital of Russia doesn't have a proper flea market. He has taken some notable pictures of the new bring-and-buy sale near the Museum of Moscow.

RUSSIA! editors September 30, 2014


During a rain storm in Donetsk it is forgivable to mistake the booming of artillery for thunder. It is the regularity and the repetition that gives it away.

Ian Bateson September 29, 2014


The biggest statue of Vladimir Lenin in Europe went down the pedestal in Kharkov, Ukraine, yesterday. Meanwhile in Russia: members of the Communist party have provided Donetsk separatists with holy images and cold steel arms.

RUSSIA! editors September 29, 2014

Mark Adomanis
September 28, 2014

The West needs to deal with the Ukraine it has, not the Ukraine it wants.


Is Ukraine one nation? Or is it a union of two divided parts, the western half Ukrainian-speaking and oriented toward Europe, the eastern and southern parts Russian-speaking and pro-Moscow?

Chris Miller September 26, 2014


“Ukraine’s sovereignty is such a negative phenomenon for Russian geopolitics that it can easily provoke a military conflict,” predicted leading Russian nationalist Aleksandr Dugin in his book Foundations of Geopolitics, first published in 1997. The past six months of war have validated Dugin’s predictions and resuscitated his career.

Chris Miller September 24, 2014

Meet the newest anti-sanctions initiative in Russia: patriotic T-shirts created by a young pro-Kremlin designer.

RUSSIA! editors September 23, 2014


Arrests on airport tarmacs, stolen oil assets, and Russia.Yes, it sounds like we’ve heard this story before, it sounds like Yukos 2.0. But the Bashneft Affair is different.

Louise Dickson September 23, 2014


In recent months Ukraine’s borders have become more and more of a fiction. Russian President Vladimir Putin has show a flair for redrawing Ukraine borders at will, and even where he has yet to get around to drawing a solid line, new borders are coalescing.

Ian Bateson September 22, 2014

Mark Adomanis
September 22, 2014

Some truly dangerous notions are starting to gain traction in Kiev.

Hood Graff Team is a street art group consisting of three young Belorussian artists. All of their recent works are the portraits of celebrities, mostly done in black and white.

RUSSIA! editors September 19, 2014

Arts & Culture

VDNKh (Exhibition of National Economy Achievements) has been recently renovated and cleared of shady stores that were housed in its Soviet era-built pavilions. Now this monumental public space is ready to host various events in its numerous display areas.

RUSSIA! editors September 17, 2014

Mark Galeotti
September 17, 2014

Some voices in Russia—including the maybe-maverick Igor Strelkov—have been talking about the threat of a “Moscow Maidan,” a Russian re-run of the Ukrainian street protests that brought down President Yanukovych. But at a time when political protest appears again quiescent, if not directly muzzled, it seems hard to see such a development. What’s going on?

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