Mark Adomanis
February 28, 2015

Russia’s already dark outlook just got much, much worse.


Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was killed in the center of Moscow on Friday, February 27th. Nemtsov, 55, was shot 4 times at Moskvoretsky bridge, not far from the Kremlin walls.

RUSSIA! editors February 28, 2015

Arts & Culture

A new movie looks at the female battalion that fought for Russia on the front line in WW1 and presents an engaging, if slightly sentimental story.

Andy Potts February 27, 2015


On Wednesday, Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russia newspaper, published a document that purports to be a leak from Russia’s Presidential Administration.

Chris Miller February 26, 2015

Igor Shpilenok is a naturalist photographer whose shots will make anyone want to visit even the coldest places in Russia. According to his blog, he came up with an idea for a new book — "The Carpets of My Motherland."

RUSSIA! editors February 25, 2015

Ukraine’s plans for a RT-style TV station are totally off the mark.

Mark Adomanis February 25, 2015

Mark Galeotti
February 24, 2015

Maybe what would suit Moscow best would be handing Ukraine the most Pyrrhic of victories? Feeding it the Donbas until it choked on it?

Mark Adomanis
February 23, 2015

After taking the West’s encouragement at face value, Ukrainians are learning just how difficult progress can be.


One year on from the EuroMaidan revolution which ousted Ukraine’s corrupt president and triggered bloodshed in the country’s east, the view from both sides of the frontline could not be more polarised.

Matthew Luxmoore February 21, 2015

Militarist and sexist celebrations are ugly enough, but this year they're also spiced up with some propaganda.

Yulia Savitskaya February 20, 2015


Inflation, one economist wrote recently in business daily Vedomosti, is “the barometer by which most Russians judge the economic situation in the country.” If true, there are few reasons for optimism.

Matthew Luxmoore February 19, 2015

Russia's Pushkin Institute, which styles itself the principal language center for foreigners wishing to learn Russian, has launched a new promo campaign with these bright posters. The message of the advert is clear: study the language with us, and you'll be able to speak Russian as a Moscow-born matryoshka no matter where are you from: the U.S., Great Britain, Japan, or Italy.

RUSSIA! editors February 18, 2015

Mark Adomanis
February 18, 2015

Rationality has nothing to do with justification, morality, or anything else.

Arts & Culture

Growing up in Scandinavia, your eyes and ears are fed on minimalism, restrained tastefulness and slick indie pop music. But things were somewhat different in our half-Slavic household where I was born with two names, two passports and an equal preference for both borscht and meatballs.

Katarina Lindqvist February 17, 2015

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