A public prosecutor on the Yves Rocher case has asked the court to sentence Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny to 10 years in jail. His brother Oleg Navalny faces 8 years if convicted.

RUSSIA! editors December 19, 2014


Vladimir Putin's latest annual press conference was full of tough questions, vague answers and awkward moments such as the time when he asked his press secretary Dmitry Peskov why did he give a microphone to Kseniya Sobchak, who represented the Dozhd TV channel.

RUSSIA! editors December 18, 2014


This Instagram account was created to mock the women who take provocative photos in Russian art museums. If you see a lady striking a pose in revealing clothes with an art object in the background, she's a museum diva for sure.

RUSSIA! editors December 18, 2014

Russia-watching has become a breathtaking and spectacular activity. The markets behave like aerial gymnasts, the experts with optimistic forecasts sound like comedians, and everything is happening too fast to stop and think about the future.

RUSSIA! editors December 17, 2014


What's happening today on MICEX, has already been dubbed "the second Black Thursday", as ruble continues to fall with every minute. Twitter users can literally measure time with the rates: "I'm going for a smoke, will be back when USD costs 4 roubles more."

RUSSIA! editors December 16, 2014

Moscow Street Art Festival committee has officially announced the end of 2014 graffiti season. And here are the best artworks of the year, as chosen by the jury.

RUSSIA! editors December 16, 2014


If you're looking for an upside to Russia's current poor economic condition, look for travel opportunities. While the U.S. dollar costs almost 60 roubles, one euro equals to 74, and one GB pound is going to reach 90 roubles mark this week, Moscow can be an affordable city for foreign tourists. And the central streets are already decorated for winter holidays.

RUSSIA! editors December 15, 2014

Mark Adomanis
December 15, 2014

It’s not just some kind of weird Russian trick, it’s a depressingly common intellectual error.


Numerous op-eds published in recent weeks have signalled the beginning of the end for the former KGB officer and his corrupt political regime.

Matthew Luxmoore December 11, 2014


November 30 parliamentary election in Moldova threatens to exacerbate tension between Russia and the West. The vote returned Moldova’s pro-European Union coalition to power. Yet the election took place amid allegations of vote-rigging and of voters’ general unhappiness with Moldova’s political leadership.

Chris Miller December 10, 2014

A couple of two young Russian hipsters—a journalist and a designer— have collaborated with an old car (and a really trashy one) to 're-invent visits to the country' and create numerous installations. That car, nicknamed 'The Rocket', even has an Instagram account of its own.

RUSSIA! editors December 10, 2014

Arts & Culture

Tuesday night sees the start of Artdocfest, Russia’s largest festival of documentary cinema. This year’s edition promises to be the biggest since the debut in 2007 – and has certainly garnered more column inches than usual.

Andy Potts December 10, 2014

Arts & CultureVideo

This is a beautiful book trailer for a limited edition photo album by Christopher Herwig. He has traveled 'from the shores of the Black Sea to the endless Kazakh steppe" to immortalize some of the most ubiquitous and misappreciated artifacts of the Soviet past - the bus stops of all shapes and sizes.

RUSSIA! editors December 09, 2014

Arts & Culture

The run-up to New Year is one of the busiest times of year for the Russian cinema industry, and amid the usual tinsel-decked suspects this year Anna Melikyan’s ‘Zvezda’ (Star) has been picked out the hot seasonal tip.

Andy Potts December 08, 2014

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