Mark Adomanis
November 27, 2014

Racial panic and crude ethnic stereotypes are the only ways to explain the insinuation that the Chinese are in the process of “invading” Eastern Siberia.


This stunning video of Pripyat, the city that has been abandoned since the Chernobyl catastrophe, was partially made by drones. No wonder that the footage published by Danny Cooke is featured as a Staff Pick video on Vimeo.

RUSSIA! editors November 27, 2014

One of the main rules of the Ray of Light (Luch) street art project curated by Andrey Tseluiko is to ask for no permissions from the local authorities. This makes it very different from the highly commercialized and censored official street art festivals that sometimes take place in Russia.

RUSSIA! editors November 25, 2014


Neznaika on the Moon was originally a story about tiny people who learn the laws of Lunar capitalist society the hard way and raise funds to bring giant vegetables to the Moon. Who would've thought back then that a post-Soviet animation movie about Neznaika could be made into the Interstellar trailer?

RUSSIA! editors November 24, 2014

Mark Adomanis
November 21, 2014

Some thoughts on the media landscape – and how to make it better.


The Russian Far East is not only the land of slow and expensive Internet access, but also a country of many volcanos. There are about 300 of them at the Kamchatka Peninsula, and you begin seeing them even before your plane lands at the local airport.

RUSSIA! editors November 21, 2014

The new book Brothers Armed: Military Aspects of the Crisis in Ukraine addresses two main questions: why Ukraine’s military has performed so badly and why the Kremlin decided to seize Crimea.

Chris Miller November 20, 2014


Dr. Matt Taylor, the Rosetta mission scientist, who was accused of blatant sexism for wearing a "wrong" shirt in front of the TV cameras (the story was dubbed "a shirtstorm" on social media), received a share of moral support from the Russian online community.

RUSSIA! editors November 19, 2014

Mark Adomanis
November 18, 2014

Critics of Russia don’t do anyone any favors pretending the Russians have gone crazy.

Arts & Culture

These multiple-exposure pictures of St.Petersburg streets and buildings caused mixed response at fotopiter LiveJournal community. Some users claim that the visual effects are too much for a city that is already quite complicated architecturally. But the photos have ghostly charm—and may make you dizzy.

RUSSIA! editors November 18, 2014


Anniversaries are special dates that need to be marked in just the right way. In Eastern Europe this week is a powerhouse of protest anniversaries and it has gotten off to a roaring start with thousands of protestors taking to the streets in the Czech and Hungarian capitals.

Ian Bateson November 18, 2014

The Soviet Militia magazine, which is currently known as the Russian Police magazine, used to provide exciting reading not only to the MVD personnel, but to basically anyone who loved crime fiction.

RUSSIA! editors November 17, 2014

Mark Adomanis
November 16, 2014

The Berlin Wall was a living, breathing example of communism’s catastrophic failure.

You might remember the unofficial Sochi Olympics calendar, a crowdfunding hit that Russia! magazine promoted at the end of 2013. Its author Andrei Tarusov is back with a new pin-up calendar dedicated to Crimea and its beaches from Yalta to Yevpatoriya, full of sunshine and beautiful girls who often throw caution to the wind.

RUSSIA! editors November 13, 2014

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