Navalny Reveals Long-Term Plans, Appears As “American-Type Politician”

by RUSSIA! editors August 24, 2013

Photo source: Navalny’s LiveJournal.

Alexei Navalny’s campaign has probably the tightest schedule of all the Moscow mayoral candidates. In addition to speaking to voters three times a day he finds time to meet the potential supporters within professional communities. Vladimir Sklyar, the head of research at Renaissance Capital investment bank and a participant of Navalny’s recent meeting with big financiers, has summarized his impressions in a well-structured and comprehensive letter.

Sklyar admits that he used to think of Navalny as more of a ‘slogan’ rather than a true politician, but has changed his opinion after the meeting. “…It seems we get the first American-type politician, who is ready to talk to ordinary voters, choose language for his audience, truly stick with announced political agenda without alternations due to conditions and bring some true competition to Russian politics which would be fruitful for both Russian population and economy. That feeling of having true political life in Russia did not exist for at least 10 years and feels good to be back.”

During the meeting Navalny described his political platform as conservative liberalism and went into details about “conservative” and “liberal” parts of the agenda. However, the candidate admits that his chances of winning the Moscow mayoral race are minimal. The purpose of the whole campaign is to get the voting to the second round in order to help opposition to get represented in Moscow Duma after the 2014 elections. The way forward, as Navalny sees it, is building political platform from below and therefore winning regional gubernatorial and parliamentary elections.

If you have any questions about Navalny’s plans for the future, we suggest you to read the full version of Sklyar’s letter – it’s highly likely that your questions were asked by the financiers and answered by the candidate. One of the few issues the candidate refused to discuss was his unexpected release after the sentence. It’s worth mentioning that the acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin has given several hints about his hand on this matter. Anyway, Navalny ruled out the possibility of accepting an office in Sobyanin’s administration, if proposed.