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$2bln In Cash Found at Moscow Airport. Could It Be Yours?

by RUSSIA! editors September 26, 2013

Sheremetyevo airport looks peaceful. The question remains: where do they store $2bln?

$2bln in cash (that’s twenty pallets) has been sitting in Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow since 2007. Someone called Faarzin Coorian Mootlag shipped the money from Frankfurt and never showed up to claim it. Thus, the cash equivalent of GDP of Estonia is still at the airport.

A reporter for Russian tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets, who first reported the story, says that the money might be stolen from United Arab Emirates or could have belonged to Saddam Hussein.

We tried to find out who can claim the money and, apparently, it’s still Mr. Mootlag, who did not specify a receiving party in the documents that accompanied the shipment. According to MK, in 2013, a non-profit organization tried to claim the cash citing a donation agreement, but the money is still at the airport.

So, if you know Mr. Mootlag, please do let him know that he should call Sheremetyevo’s Lost and Found.

UPDATE 1: Sheremetyevo airport hastily denied that they kept $2bln in cash for 7 years, but no one believes them.

UPDATE 2: Popular Russian online publication FurFur published a useful post with an image of what does $2bln in cash look like (warning – lots of scrolling).