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What Happened to Gena

by RUSSIA! editors March 08, 2014

At the dawning hours of a spring day last week in St. Petersburg, a waste management crew found a newborn Nile crocodile barely alive and nearly frozen in a waste bin.

It’s unclear how the reptile known as the African crocodile and is the second largest extant reptile in the world ended up in a garbage bin in Russia’s culture capital. The authorities believe that an unsuspecting tourist brought the crocodile egg into Russia mistaking it for an ostrich egg (which can happen to anyone).

The waste management crew saved the crocodile, proving that Russians are generally good people. They placed the reptile in their boss’s fish tank and fed it with beef. According to a local news site, after feeding, Crocodylus niloticus became very active and playful.

The crocodile, christened Gena, possibly after a likable Russian cartoon character, will be moved to a veterinary center that will be responsible for finding a zoo that can house a 4-meter reptile.

This concludes our ‘Russians are good people’ rubric. Now back to Ukraine.